Equine Experiential Education:

An Adult Leadership Training Program

In 2018, WEST launched a program to develop leadership and resiliency skills for adults just entering the workforce or helping teams build better relationships through equine assisted acitivities. WEST pairs individuals and teams with horses in order to create a neuroplasticity that fosters these abilities.


Aimed at regional corporations who are experiencing high attrition rates despite million dollar investments in high school career training centers and technical colleges. WEST's research shows that one reason this may be true is because skill-based training programs don't address the emotional poverty mindset that is deeply engrained in West Georgia.

WEST seeks to offer corporate teamwork and coaching services to Millennial employees who need to develop resiliency skills such as effective communication abilities, team work, managing emotional reactivity, and coaching the reframing of their belief systems to release that poverty mindset, among other skills.