The Fragile Generation

Resiliency skills have been lost in the Millenial generation. Communication skills, teamwork abilities, critical thinking, creativity - all lost to overprotective parenting, government (federal, state, and local) over-reach, and a mass media generated pervasive fear of our neighbors, the world at large, and mistrust in our own abilities. Horses teach how to overcome fear, think creatively, interpret both verbal and non-verbal communication, learn empathy and the value of relationship, the value of community in teamwork, and the ability to accept what we are good at and not so good at. The Fragile Generation includes the Gen X-ers and Millenial generations. They will soon outnumber the Baby Boomers. Since it's parents - the adults - creating this problem, is it fair to assume that the adults have also not developed strong resiliency skills? If that's the case, then WEST is capable of working with them, too. For a more in-depth conversation, please read

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