Cinnamon, $1800/year lease

Registered AMHA SBP Cinnamon

Registered SBP Cinnamon, barn name Cinn. Available for lease or sale in Georgia, $1800 obo. Lease terms are $1800 for a year. $800 will be kept in escrow. If she is returned in the same physical, emotional, and psychological condition as she was, you will get your $800 back. If you want to buy her, I keep the $800. Must have pasture turnout. 22 years, 14.3hh, extremely wide-withered, built like a couch. Dark, dark cinnamon bay, almost black. This mare is a "speedy brum" and competitive. On the trail, she'll walk faster than most any horse. She's even outpaced a Paso Fino! If you want a trustworthy horse who will take care of you on the trail, Cinn is it.


We use her for special needs kids. Horse leaders need to hold her back and sidewalkers need to move fast. We use her because she is excellent with temper tantrums as long as she doesn't get kicked too much. Her gait keeps ADD/ADHD kids focused and she keeps autistic kids stimulated. She has been to the ocean and local trails. She's done mounted archery.


Cinnamon is very honest. If you can't ride, she will take over and trot away with you. If you fight with her, she will ignore you and just keep walking or trotting. She rides in a snaffle and an extra wide Bates Dressage with us. She has no withers. She will ride a western saddle but it needs to be extra wide. She's been riding with Rider Biomechanics for three years. She loves it! She responds to seat and leg and appreciates soft hands. This is helpful if you do mounted archery with her.


Cinn is capable of Western Dressage. Her forward movement is excellent in the show ring. She's competitive. If there's another horse around, she's going to fight to take the lead. She doesn't like being in the back. She'll try to race whomever is in front. She is courageous. We were riding in the dunes on Inlet Point, NC and went to the top of a dune that had a sheer drop on the other side. Scared the hell out of me. I had to walk back down. A more experienced rider took her down on her haunches and she loved it! 


She is a VERY easy keeper, which is both a blessing and a curse. She's the lead mare. She isn't particularly affectionate and it takes her a long time to decide if she can take or leave you. Once she decides to trust you and that she likes you, she'll stick with you.

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