Chloe, $1800/year lease

Registered AMHA SBP Chloe

Registered SBP Chloe, barn name Chloe.  Available for lease in Georgia. Lease terms are $1800 for a year. $800 will be kept in escrow. If she is returned in the same physical, emotional, and psychological condition as she was, you will get your $800 back. If you want to buy her, I keep the $800.  Must have pasture turnout. 20 years, 14h, medium build. This mare is a "speedy brum." She does a lot of our equine asssted learning activities with both children and adults. She loves trail riding. She'll walk fast and might be anxious at first. Once she settles in, she'll keep walking. You won't fall asleep on her.


Chloe is our go-to horse for special needs riders, adaptive riding, and regular riding lessons. She has a fast pace. The kids love her because she keeps them focused, makes them use their bodies, and she's fun. She's great for beginning riders. She has a lot to teach. I trust her with my kids. Horse leaders need to hold her back and sidewalkers need to move fast. Everybody needs to breath with her. She is sensitive so we tend to put her with people who have some control over their bodies. 


She is a VERY easy keeper, which is both a blessing and a curse. Chloe was trained to do saddleseat a long time ago. She was abused to the point that vertebrae near her poll were broken. Her head has a permanent tilt to the left. Over the years, her left shoulder has developed to be bigger than her right shoulder. This makes saddle-fitting interesting. She rides in a snaffle and a bitless bridle. She has been riding Rider Biomechanics for almost three years. The chiropractic vet asked us to take her out of the dressage program because she will never be balanced enough for it and it hurts her. She has a definite weight limit of 160#. She'll buck anything over that.

Using horses to teach people to bend, not break.
Debra Redman,
Executive Director
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