Rain, $800

Rain is a linebred Morgan mare out of SBP Chloe and MM First in Line. Available for sale in Georgia, $800 firm. This horse LOVES variety. She is totally ADD/ADHD, loves spontaneity, and is willing to try anything. She is curious, always asking you "Is this what you mean?" "Now?" She has a whoa and a GO! Trail riding keeps her mind active and engaged. She has scope and would make a fine eventer or stadium jumper with training. She's a people horse, very affectionate, funny, and energetic. She has a donkey and they are a bonded pair. She was bred and born on this farm. When she leaves here, it will be her growing up moment. It will break her heart to lose her donkey. 

She was never registered. Her sire is registered MM First in Line, dam is registered SBP Chloe. She's linebred Trophy and Devan (dam on both sides, and sire's top line). The sire's dam line is Waseeka's Nocturne and Midwest show lines. She could be a very nice broadmare. She is 13.2h, 10 years old, narrow - medium build.


Has an excellent foundation in Rider Biomechanics and horsemanship.  SHE IS NOT A RIDING LESSON HORSE FOR BEGINNERS AT THIS TIME. She absolutely does not tolerate an out of balance rider. She rides in a sidepull bridle. We have tried multiple bits with her and she hates them. She doesn't like a bitless bridle. She relaxes better in a sidepull. She is excitable, very smart, and gets bored easily. She doesn't do well doing the same thing over and over and over and over again. You have to keep her mind active and constantly thinking. We have not jumped in saddle, but have done some free jumping with her. She demonstrates a lot of scope and we think, given the right training, would make a nice eventer/jumper in time. She has a natural ability to swap leads and a beautiful extended trot. She's built perfectly for carriage driving and would really like it.

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Debra Redman,
Executive Director
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