Derby, $1500

Registered AMHA MM First in Line

​Registered MM First in Line, barn name Derby. Available for sale in Georgia, $1500. Must have pasture turnout. 17 years, 14.2hh, perfect conformation. Dark bay, almost black. Long, gorgeous mane and tail. Gorgeous and he knows it. He is Royalty and he needs someone who he thinks will be on his level. When people see Derby for the first time, they immediately comment on how gorgeous he is. His response is, "Yes, I know. You may kneel before me now." LOL


This is the second heart horse I've had in my life. This guy has taught me how to be a really good rider, how to control my temper, and how to stay calm and breathe. He has a lot to teach the right person. Flashy, and, according to a dressage judge, a pleasure to watch. THIS HORSE IS NOT A LESSON HORSE. He is for Intermediate to Experienced riders only. He is a ONE PERSON horse. You must be quiet, sane, and congruent with your energy.


Derby is hot, opinionated, honest, and very sensitive. If his saddle doesn't feel right, you will know it immediately. If he doesn't like the cue, if he's confused, you will be told. He demands Rider Biomechanics. If you know this method, then you will understand when I say that your bear down has to be as deep and consistent as you can make it. He's been riding with biomechanics for about 2 years now and he loves it. He won't take someone snatching at his mouth. He will trail ride.


He was severely abused before I got a hold of him 7 years ago. I've spent all this time working to gain his respect and trust. I taught him how to be a horse. He's been in a herd since 2013. He was in a stall for his entire life until I taught him how to be in a herd and with other horses. He stall weaves. 

Using horses to teach people to bend, not break.
Debra Redman,
Executive Director
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