Rush, $1000

Registered American Spotted Haflinger

Chrome Moon Southern Rush

Registered American Spotted Haflinger as Chrome Moon Southern Rush, barn name Rush. 12 years, 14h, large pony. THIS HORSE DOES NOT RIDE ADULTS. His weight limit is 140# and he rides ONLY KIDS. He has done therapeutic riding and regular riding lessons with kids ages 4 - 12. Once they hit puberty, all bets are off. He is great for Equine Assisted Activities and carriage driving. If you are familiar with the famous Hafie personality, you know who this guy is. 


If you have a ground program doing equine assisted learning activities (EAL/EAP), this guy will teach about leadership, boundaries, energy, bullying, presence, consequences, the fine line between different levels of assertiveness and aggression. He will teach the difference between "Power Over" and "Power With." This guy is the absolute BEST EAL horse anyone could wish for. If you know Hafies, none of this surprises you.

The kids LOVE him. He is the most favorite horse of the whole herd. The toddlers always ask for "the cow." The kids who need to learn self-esteem, self-confidence, boundaries, assertiveness, and presence, gravitate to him naturally. When a kid gains Rush's respect, they know they have truly accomplished major resiliency skills. And the cool part is that, if they can maintain what they learn, he will respect them.

He will ride kids all day long. He will rodeo buck with adults. He rides off of seat and leg and this makes him good for teaching young beginning riders how to use Rider Biomechanics. I trust him off lead line with kids who have control over their bodies and can demonstrate emotional regulation. 

Using horses to teach people to bend, not break.
Debra Redman,
Executive Director
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