Chase, $5000

Chase is a 15 year old Morgan gelding, 15.3h. Available for lease or sale in Georgia, $5000. Lease terms are $5000 for a year. $1000 will be kept in escrow. If he is returned in the same physical, emotional, and psychological condition as he was, you will get your $1000 back. If you want to buy him, I keep the $1000. Must have pasture turnout. Chase has become our GO-TO lesson horse for every type of rider. This includes kids, beginners up to experienced riders.  He has a pretty good work ethic but he still needs a dressage whip to be carried during lessons. Spurs are not needed.  I've ponied riders on him with no issues. He has been trail riding, but he gets anxious at new things so we have to take it slow and patient with him to get used to stuff.  If you handle it well, he learns.  He started learning Rider Biomechanics in 2018 and he LOVES it! This gelding is gold and worth every penny. 

When I met him, he'd been gelded about a year. He had lived his whole life in a stall. He would attack anyone who came near his head and cower in the back of the stall when someone was filling his water bucket. He was severely abused at a training program between the ages of 2-4 and then continued to be abused when he got back to his owners. It took me six months of standing outside his stall before he'd let me touch his head or neck. I had to take bridles apart and put them on his head piece by piece after I finally won enough of his trust to get a halter on him safely. Then I had to teach him how to be a horse in a herd. The day he gave me a hug in the field will always be an emotional memory for me. Chase is a guy who looks like he's grumpy, but is really trying to protect himself. He's our Switzerland in the herd. He's a lover, not a fighter. He found his voice and has no problem telling us what he needs and what he likes.

Using horses to teach people to bend, not break.
Debra Redman,
Executive Director
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